Slurry Pumps for Your Industry

Ordinary people may be confused moving slurry from one place to another. Slurry is a type of liquid that is formed from a mixture of various particles so that it has a high level of density. Some of slurry includes contaminated water, wastewater, mud, crude oil, paper pulp, and various deposits containing high solids concentrations such as sand, gravel, stone, coal, slag, seeds, clay, etc.   

Various slurries have become part of the industrial business. For example, food and beverage industry, palm oil industry, automotive industry, oil drilling, and many more. Industrial companies use special pumps to drain high concentrations of liquid, the pump is called a slurry pump. Slurry pump is designed to pump all types of mud. Even, in the mining industry this type of pump is used to clean the drilling base of the remnants of mud, sand, gravel, and other impurities.

The slurry pump is a version of a centrifugal pump that is heavier and stronger than an ordinary water pump. The rotation of walker slurry pump is used to transport hydraulic solids; this pump is used to transport mud, clay, mud and sand in various sizes. They can be used all the time in all sorts of various applications.

The slurry pump is very tough, so many people use it to handle and transport abrasive and corrosive sludge in various industries such as coal, mining, silver, gold, electricity utilities, oil shale, sewage, sand and water. If you are a regular water pump user at home, you might be wondering, how can a pump drain mud or liquid with a high concentration of solids? Is the engine not destroyed? To answer this, maybe you can illustrate it with a mixture of water and sand in a container. If you rotate the mixture at high speed then the sand will float in the water, well in this condition the slurry pump works. The centrifugal force of the slurry pump will rotate all types of sludge and other mixes so that the solid density is lighter and they are easy to flow. In addition, strong and heavy centrifugal turns can reduce abrasive levels in various solid and liquid mixtures.

If you intend to apply slurry pumps in your industry, then that would be the right choice. Besides being able to ease the work in terms of suctioning on mixtures that have high corrosive and abrasive levels, this pump provides other benefits for your company such as ease of maintenance, low energy consumption, long service life, easy spare parts, etc.

Basically, a slurry pump is a type of water pump specifically designed for use in areas where solid material is intentionally or unintentionally suspended in water. The slurry pump system has a unique design and it is able to rotate water by the impeller method. The impeller is the most important part of a centrifugal pump. The impeller rotates water to produce centrifugal force, and the force is able to produce suction and compressive forces. The rotational force and suction force will prevent solids from causing corrosion and damage to internal engine parts.

There are many types of slurry pumps that can be applied in every type of industry. They are ZJ Series Slurry Pump, 40ZJ-I-A17 ZJ Slurry Pump, 50ZJ-I-A50 ZJ Slurry Pump, 65ZJ-I-A30 ZJ Slurry Pump, AH Slurry Pump, and many more. They are designed specifically for each type of material and have different specifications such as rotational speed, capacity, size, electrical power, handling solids, etc. You can see more complete lists on the company’s slurry pump website or visit Walker pumps.