The Importance of Using Standardized LOTO for Work Safety

Do you know that there are many accidents in this world? Besides on the highway, accidents often occur in the world of work. There are hundreds of serious accidents and tens of thousands of accidents with serious injuries occurring in the work environment. Occupational accidents in the manufacturing industry occur due to several reasons, one of which workers do not get maximum protection when doing maintenance or repair of production machinery and equipment. This accident will continue to grow if industrial companies do not improve their security with the best hardware like LOTO. What is LOTO?

In short, LOTO is a security process to isolate energy sources while doing repairs or maintenance on industrial machinery and equipment. LOTO hardware will control the release of hazardous energy from repaired production machines. The LOTO hardware component is specifically designed to perform two main functions namely the locking and labeling function. Isolation of hazardous energy sources is LOTO’s function as locking, while labeling is a warning to all workers that an industrial equipment and machine is under repair, and everyone is prohibited from touching it.

For security and safety systems to be guaranteed during the industrial machine repair process, manufacturing companies need to equip LOTO stations with OSHA compliant lockout tagout kits. OSHA (Occupational Safety and Health Administration) is part of the Department of Labor in the United States that was formed under the Safety and Health Act. OSHA has a mission to prevent injuries related to work, illness, and death by enforcing regulations (standardization) for occupational health and safety. Thus, all safety and security equipment and hardware produced by the manufacturer must comply with regulations stipulated by OSHA. If they do not follow the regulations, OSHA will impose fines. OSHA will also impose sanctions on companies that do not prioritize work safety, such as using LOTO that is not in accordance with established regulations.

A quality and standardized LOTO is not a complicated thing to achieve. Owners of industrial companies can get OSHA compliant lockout tagout kits easily now; they only need to access some manufacturer or supplier websites. Selection of the right LOTO device will reduce the risk of work accidents. Other than that, industrial companies can provide important additional information so employees are more secure before they start working with their equipment. How do industrial and manufacturing companies begin their steps in determining suitable LOTO devices for their industry? One smart move is to work with a professional and experienced safety consultant like Rick Kaletsky. Maybe he is one of the many safety experts who will open your perspective on the importance of work safety.