Air Compressors for Your Industry

There are many devices that are useful in industry. One of them is compressors; compressors are devices that are designed to produce compressed air. Compressed air is very useful in industrial activities; if you look at insect spraying products, then you will find real examples of the use of compressed air. Air compressors can increase the pressure of a gas by lowering its volume. This tool is mechanically designed so that it can store and distribute a pressurized gas for certain purposes. On a smaller scale, this tool is often found in various workshops, tire patches, and vehicle washing places. But did you know that a compressor is also needed to meet large-scale needs such as in the industrial world?

In the steel construction industry, Industrial air compressors are applied to the sandblasting process, compressed air is used in blowing sand grains aimed at peeling impurities and rust on the steel surface. This process is intended to make the painting process go well. Whereas in the steel painting process, compressed air is used to blow the liquid paint. In the plastic bottle industry, compressed air is also used to blow plastic or aluminium to follow the shape of the mould. In this application, the compressed air used is high pressure. In a larger industry, such as a power plant, the presence of compressed air is vital. All industries both small and large industries require compressed air as an energy source. So, it cannot be denied that compressed air is very useful for industrial activities, almost 90% of industries use compressed air for various purposes.

Technological developments in this era allow for innovations in compressor products, one of which is reciprocating air compressors. This type of compressor is different from other compressors, especially in energy sources. Reciprocating air compressors do not use oil as an energy source but rather a crankshaft. The crankshaft functions as a modifier of the way of movement, from initially rotational form to a translational or straight movement back and forth. After the force is formed by the crankshaft, then the energy is channelled through the connecting rod to the piston rod through the crosshead. This distribution of energy serves to be able to withstand the load generated during the compression process. The connecting rod has a bent shape and has great strength. The construction of reciprocating air compressors is very sturdy, it also has the ability to work non-stop for hours to support hard work in all fields of industry.

To support the smooth operation of the industry, there are several things that must be considered before buying industrial air compressors, especially reciprocating air compressors. First, pay attention to the type of compressor you want. There are several types of reciprocating air compressors; they are single-stage compressors, two-stage compressors, and twin compressors. Next, you can pay attention to capacity and pressure. These two variables are the most important specifications in selecting reciprocating air compressors. To find out the capacity you need, just add air consumption from all the air tools you will use. Meanwhile, to find out the pressure you need double-check the specifications of the air tool that you plan to use.

Well, there are still many things that need to be considered to get reciprocating air compressors according to the needs of your industry. You need to consider horse power, electrical connection, noise level, tank size, compressed air filter, weight, duty cycle, etc. Some of those things might help you make a good decision to buy an industrial compressor.