A Closer Look at Anti-Scaling Equipment

Scaling in water systems is a major problem with homeowners, power generation, agriculture and the industrial sector. Excessive scale causes damage to the water supply home appliances such as dishwashers, washing machines and water heaters. Showerheads can get damaged too, along with other fixtures at home that use hot water. To curb this problem, anti-scaling equipment would be essential.

Anti-scaling equipment is designed to solve a wide variety of problems that are brought about by limescale. This is an electronic water conditioner that reduces the use of chemicals in a number of situations where bio-film, scale and bacteria are present.

Anti-scaling equipment is used for RO and MF membranes, municipal water, waste water and sewage. This non-obtrusive chemical free equipment is also applicable for use in mining, CSG – Coal Seam Gas, tailings dams and hazardous zones. Swimming pools and spas using chlorine benefit from this low cost solution. They are also widely used for heat exchangers and catering equipment using water softeners. For agricultural purposes, it is used to manage bacteria in animal drinking water, poultry farming, high pressure steam boilers, aquaculture or fish farms.

Hydroflow equipment is the new green alternative.

How does it work?

Anti-scaling equipment works by emitting randomly varying electric fields into the pipe work. Suspended calcium ions are then prevented from adhering or sticking to the internal pipe walls. There is no need for exhaustive labour because the device is easily clamped on to the outside of the existing pipe.

What are the features of Hydroflow?

• No plumbing required

• Non intrusive

• Low energy

• Low Voltage

• Constant dose of electrical fields

• Prevention of scale formation

• Removal of existing scale build up

• Kills bacteria

• No moving parts

• Easy to retrofit

• Lowers chemical usages

• Extends filter run times

• Wide range of pipe sizes

What are the benefits?

• Reduced installation cost

• No cutting of the pipe required

• Reduced power bills

• Safe in most environments

• Stable water quality

• Increased flow and plant efficiency

• Reduction in maintenance shutdowns

• No chemicals required

• Low cost of ownership

• No downtime or intrusion into existing pipes

• Reduction in chloramines and THM’s

• No wasted water, reduced energy costs

• 38mm to 1500 mm

So in order to ensure that your water systems function properly, and that your home and industrial equipment last for a long time, make use of anti-scaling equipment. These equipment will definitely benefit you for life! Every day would surely become a better one.